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Senani Ponnamperuma is the author of The The Story of Sigiriya and The Story of Anuradhapura. These books have been well-received by critics, and are in many prestigious libraries including; the British Library, the Library of Congress, Stanford, Cornell, UCLA, New York, Columbia, etc. The Story of Sigiriya was presented at the 2017 Beijing Book Fair on behalf of the Sri Lanka Embassy, as this work considered an important piece of Sri Lanka’s literary heritage. Ponnamperuma's books have received numerous five-star rating on Amazon and Goodreads, and favorable critical reviews in Sri Lankan newspapers and magazines.

Trishan's Oz, the first comprehensive website about Australia was created by Senani in 1997 when the internet was in its infancy. It won numerous awards, including the prestigious Australian Financial Review/Telstra Internet Site Award in both 1997 and 1998, for Best Children’s Website. With tens of millions of hits, it is still one of the most visited websites about Australia. Because of its significance, the site was selected by the National Library of Australia PANDORA project "for the preservation and long-term access of Australian online electronic publications of national significance."

Senani Ponnamperuma was born in Sri Lanka and educated in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and the USA obtaining a Degree in Information Technology and Business Administration at the University of Oregon. Migrating to Melbourne, Australia he commenced his career at the Ford Motor Company and then with ADAPS. In He was appointed IT Manager of Wangaratta Woollen Mills. Shortly after that, he was appointed Chief Information Officer at Payless Supermarkets. At the age of thirty, he was the first Sri Lankan to hold the position of CIO in a large Australian company. One of his many professional achievements was to successfully implement barcode scanning technology in Australian supermarkets. Ponnamperuma left Payless and pursued a career as a consultant was engaged by Coles Myer (Coles Group), to implement state-of-the-art in-store systems for their new stationary superstores, Officeworks. Later Ponnamperuma was engaged as CIO of Spotlight Stores to undertake a significant transformation of the company's IT systems. Ponnamperuma now follows his passion for writing and has published three books.

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