SIGIRIYA The King and The Harem Girl

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Palace intrigue, passion, deceit, betrayal and tragedy. Set fifteen hundred years ago, this compelling novel weaves historical facts into a remarkably entertaining story of fate, dangerous alliances, enduring friendships, and forbidden love.

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Sunday Observer
Five star
The author humanizes Kasyapa and helps us understand the man, the world he lived in, his motivations and demons, and the passion that drove him to build Sigiriya over 1500 years ago. Though this book is a work of historical fiction, based on true events and people, the dialogue and characters are skilfully executed. Individual personalities, linguistic nuances, and internal motivations are unique to each character. Not only is this difficult to achieve in historical fiction, but it requires a particularly high level of skill in a work with as many important figures as this one. For this, Ponnamperuma should be applauded.


Five star
"What I loved most in this fascinating novel is the vividness with which he describes historical figures and events. A great read :)"

Amazon (Australia)
Chrissie H

Five star
"An interesting and passionate story set in ancient Ceylon, about the magnificent Sigiriya palace. I found this book a great read that brings the history of Sri Lanka to life, especially if you have visited Sigiriya and seen the frescoes."

Book Lover

Five star
"I learned so much about another culture through his book, plus the story was one that had you sitting on the edge of your seat with twist and turns a plenty."

Interview with the Author

Hi Magazine, the premier society magazine in Sri Lanka featured The Story of Sigiriya and its author in its October 2015 issue... Interview with Senani Ponnamperuma author of The Story of Sigiriya