Emu Sound Video What Does an Emu Sound Like?

The emu makes booming, drumming, and grunting noises by vibrating a 30cm long tracheal pouch in its windpipe. Adult male emus usually make pig-like grunting sounds. Adult females make grunting and loud booming sounds. Young emus make whistling sounds.

Emus make different sounds depending on their age and sex. All emu chicks make whistling, chirping, and cheeping sounds until they are 10 to 14 months old. By this time, their sounds change to grunting noises. As the female reaches sexual maturity, she undergoes physical changes such as developing a prominent throat sac, and the sounds she makes will vary from grunting to guttural drumming.

The female can drum in two pitches. Her booming and drumming sounds are most prevalent during the mating season. It comprises two forms; a high-intensity booming which is audible up to 2 kilometres away to attract mates, and a low reverberating call to its partner which can be heard from over 100 meters away.

When threatened or confronted by unfamiliar objects, both sexes also give out a blood-curdling hiss.

The male will make various grunting sounds, varying from short stuttering grunts to deep gruff sounds. Males also whistle to their chicks.

Emu booming and grunting are most prevalent during the evening or just before rain.

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