Emu Sound Video Booming - Grunting - Hissing Noises

Adult emu males usually make a pig-like grunting sound, while adult females make a loud booming sound. Young birds make whistling sounds. Both sexes sometimes boom or grunt during threat displays or on encountering unfamiliar objects.

Emu - Tallest Bird in Australia

The emu makes its low guttural noises by vibrating a 30cm long thin-walled tracheal pouch, which is part of its windpipe. When inflated, the emu can make deep booming, drumming, and grunting sounds.

The female’s booming sounds, most prevalent during the mating season, consists of two forms; a high-intensity booming which is audible up to 2 kilometres away to attract mates and a low reverberating call to its partner which can be heard from more than 100 meters away. Both males and females also give out a blood-curdling hiss when feeling threatened.

Emu Attack Video