Marsupial Birth Video Kangaroo Baby Joey Birth Shown

A young kangaroo is no larger than a jelly bean. It is just 2 cm or 0.79in size and weighs less than one gram (0.035oz) when it is born.

A young kangaroo, referred to as a joey, is born blind, hairless, with stumpy forelimbs and hardly any trace of its hind legs.


baby kangaroo joey compared to a jellybean

Photo: Kangaroo joey crawling to its mother's pouch

Even though it is still very underdeveloped, the young joey has an excellent sense of direction and an acute sense of smell. Once it emerges from the mother's birth canal ( cloaca). The young kangaroo uses its tiny forelimbs in a swimming motion, to slowly climb up its mother's fur to her pouch. This journey takes it about three minutes. The joey's journey is made entirely by itself. The mother does not assist it in any way. Once inside its mother's pouch, the joey quickly attaches itself firmly to one of four nipples in the pouch. And stays there hidden away for about six and a half months.

What is a Kangaroo?