Giant Cuttlefish What is a Cuttlefish?

The Giant cuttlefish can put on spectacular colour and light displays and change colours to blend in with their environment.

Scientific Name: Sepia apama

Description of Cuttlefish What Do Cuttlefishes Look Like?

The giant culltefish is the largest cuttlefish of them all and can grow to one meter in length (including tentacles) and weighs 10 kilos. It is an expert at camouflage and colour change. Using cells known as chromatophores, it

Cuttlefish are believed to be very intelligent creatures. They have one of the largest brain to body mass ratio of any invertebrate. They are related to squid and octopuses, but unlike them, the cuttlefish has a single internal bone supporting the fleshy parts of its body.

Conservation Status Is the Cuttlefish Endangered?

The cuttlefish are impacted by overfishing and habitat degradation.

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