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Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Sigiriya in this beautifully illustrated book. The author expertly weaves a compelling narrative, shedding light on previously unknown facts and overlooked details. Travel back in time and meet the key players who shaped the rock fortress's creation, abandonment, and rediscovery. With breathtaking photographs of the ruins, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in history, travel, or simply seeking to uncover the real story of Sigiriya. Whether you're a seasoned traveler, history buff, keen expatriate or curious adventurer, this book is the perfect addition to your collection—an excellent display on any coffee table.

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LMD Magazine
Vijitha Yapa
Five star
This book will be of interest to anyone who wants an insight of the magnificent monument of Sri Lankan art and the creation of an architectural marvel. It contains some beautiful photographs by the author which showcase the splendour of Sigiriya.

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Sunday Observer
R.S. Karunaratne
Five star
The author's grasp of the language and skills in photography have enhanced the value of The Story of Sigiriya. Its appeal to readers will inspire them to visit King Kasyapa's "palace in the sky" at least once in their life-time.

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Becky Czlapinski
Five star
"Planning a trip to see the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, I eagerly purchased this book hoping for information to flush out my visit to Sigiriya. I enjoyed the blend of scholarship and a down-to-earth writing style that made the book very informative without being didactic. Senani Ponnamperuma evokes a clear picture of what the compound looked like in its peak years as well as a sense of the intense labor necessary to construct this complex. My experience of Sigiriya will only be enhance by having read this book. The section of text focusing on the site as it is will be an amazing addition to my experience as I sit and read about what I am viewing."

Jan Koch
Five star
"A carefully researched book and an interesting read"

When I visited Sri Lanka ten years ago, visiting Sigiriya was certainly a highlight of my stay. The monumental rock and its fortifications and technologically advanced water system impressed me very much. That is why I was delighted to see this Mr. Ponnamperuma's book come out. My wife had bought the paperback edition, and I opted for the ebook version in order to be able to read the book on my commute to work. The first thing I noticed was the very nice way in which pictures - old and new - complement the telling of Sigiriya's story. The author's passion for his subject is very noticeable in the way he tapped every conceivable source for information and photos. What I also really enjoyed was the way this book, which is about history, makes its subject accessible to readers without a background in Sri Lanka's history. Having spent just three weeks there, I had only a very limited understanding of Sri Lankan history, but that did not lessen my enjoyment of Mr. Ponnamperuma's book. I can full-heartedly recommend "Sigiriya - The Real Story" for readers with an interest in the history of Sri Lanka and/or Sigiriya. For me, it reminded me of the beautiful time I spent in this lovely country. If you plan to visit Sigiriya - which is a must-see when visiting Sri Lanka - I think this book would be a wonderful companion to fill in the details and help you imagine what the lion mountain was like in the 5th century AD. "The book will be of interest to anyone who wants an insight of a magnificent monument of Sri Lankan art and the creation of an architectural marvel...

Amazon (AU)
Ilias L
Five star
"Prior, I knew very little about Sri Lankan history and am now inspired to visit the country "

Upon reading the first few pages of 'Sigiriya, The Real Story' I was immediately immersed in what was a personal journey for the author. His writing style can't help but reflect how opaquely in awe and passionate he is of Sigiriya's past, present and future. Prior, I knew very little about Sri Lankan history and am now inspired to visit the country that clearly deserves more recognition than it has been given. Senani evokes thought provoking ideas, whilst respectfully acknowledging his academic predecessors and the ambiguity of such a challenging topic.

Interview with the Author

Hi Magazine, the premier society magazine in Sri Lanka featured The Story of Sigiriya and its author in its October 2015 issue... Interview with Senani Ponnamperuma author of The Story of Sigiriya