About Me Trishan


Hi! I am Trishan. This is me at home. Name Trishan
Age 11 (nearly).
Height 130 cm
Weight 29kgs
favourite Food I love Salt and Vinegar Chips, Jam Donuts, Zappos.
favourite Drink Fanta, Coke and Milkshakes.
favourite Sport Footy, Basketball, Cricket
favourite Football Team Hawthorn, North Melbourne, and the Haileybury Bloods.
Hobbies Collecting Baseball Caps and Glo-Caps.
favourite TV Show The Simpsons, Rocko's Modern Life, Rug Rats, Ren & Stimpy.
Likes My dog "Sage", Mum, Dad, Ashani, Haileybury.
Dislikes Loosing a Sega or Playstation game, spiders (I only like looking at them)
Would Like to Be Live forever!
Nicknames Trish or T.P.


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Where I Live


Map of Victoria, Australia
Australian Koala

I live in Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia.

I live about 53 kms (33 miles) from Melbourne.

Many native animals visit our back yard.

I have seen an Echidna, Possum, Blue Tongue Lizard, Cockatoo, and a Kookaburra. Dad says he once saw a Red Bellied Black Snake too.


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On Holidays in Sri Lanka


Me looking being carried by an Elephant
[Me looking at a Cobra]

We went on holidays to Sri Lanka.

Here I am being carried by an Elephant (scary).

Here is a Snake Charmer (yeap that's a real Cobra and that's me right next to it).


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