At Camp Nilacoote

We got on the bus on Monday to leave for camp Nilacootie. It took three hours to get to camp. Nilacootie is northeast of Melbourne, Australia.

The first thing did when we got there was find our cabins and get unpacked. Between four to eight people shared a cabin.

The first activity for the day was rock climbing. We had to climb up a fifteen-metre rock climbing wall and touch a bar at the top. Once we had touched the bar, we had to bounce back down.

After lunch we had some free time, where some people chose to play cricket, basketball or just stay in their cabins. After a couple of hours, we had dinner played some games, told " sick" jokes, and went to bed.

The next morning we went absailing down the fifteen-metre wall. It was scary!

After that we had lunch and then went on the obstacle course where we had to swing on tyres, jump over beams and climb up ladders. It was almost like an army boot camp.

We played some more games, and after dinner, we were all so tired that just went straight to bed. Well almost, we did talk after lights out.

On Wednesday we went on the flying fox. It was fun gliding through the air high above the ground. We also went canoeing and for a swim in the lake. By the time we had finished our swim, it was time to get packed and head back home.