Bat - Australian Flying FoxAustralian Fruit Bat


The Bat, also referred to as a Flying Fox, is the only mammal which can actually fly. It has a very thin skin attached to its arms which act like the wings of a bird. It flaps its arms to fly. Other mammals like the sugar glider can only glide.

It hunts for insects in the night and uses its ears like a radar to find its prey.

It hangs upside down when resting. This is called roosting. It usually folds its wings against its body when roosting. It roosts almost anywhere where it is warm and humid even inside roofs.

The bat is one of two placental mammals native to Australia. They arrived in Australia by flying here from neighbouring islands.

How Does A Bat Go to the Toilet?

Well it turns itself around so it is the right-side-up before it does it.