Cassowary Sound What Sound does A Cassowary Make?

Caasswary Sounds

Photo: Cassowary looking at you.

The cassowary makes a deep, low-frequency rumbling and booming sounds. These sounds can reach as low as 32 hertz, which is just above the human hearing range. The cassowary makes the lowest sounding bird call in the world.

The cassowary produces these rumbling and booming noises in its chest and neck by resonating air and amplifying the sound further with its casque. Some humans have claimed that they can feel this low-frequency boom resonating in their bones. It is claimed that a cassowary call can be heard up to 5km away.

The cassowary also whistles, hisses and claps its bills to communicate. For example, when disturbed in its forest habitat, it may produce a low rumbling sound and clack its bill (beak) to discourage you from approaching any closer. If it feels threatened, it will puff itself up to its full height and make a hissing sound. If angered or ready to attack, it produces a deep booming sound.

What is a Cassowary?