Dingo Howling Video

Dingoes communicate using a series of howls, growls, chortles, yelps, whines, chatters, snorts, purrs and an occasional bark.

Dingo howling occurs more frequently during times of stress or when the animals are dispersed as a means of advertising their location. In addition, dingo packs often howl in a chorus to warn other dingo packs nearby. Their howls may also increase during their mating season. Dingoes growl as a means of asserting dominance or when threatened. Dingoes rarely bark. Their bark, used primarily as a warning, is brief and monosyllabic. A mother may use this sound to call her cubs back to the den if she suspects danger is near. A dingo’s howls consist of moans, bark-howls and snuffs.

• Listen to a Dingo Bark Here

• Dingo — Australian Wild Dog