Emu Attack Video

There are about 100 reported emu attacks each year in Australia. Most injures are minor, consisting of scratches, bruises and minor abrasions. There have been no reported deaths.

The emu is a non-aggressive bird that would rather run away than confront an adversary. However, if threatened, it has several defensive tactics.

When threatened at close quarters, the emu’s first line of defence/attack is to bluff. It will pull itself up to its full height, puff up its neck feathers, open its mouth wide, give out blood-curdling hisses, and charge at you pretending to attack. However, it will usually stop before actually coming in any physical contact. If this ruse doesn't work, then it will resort to its "plan b".

The emu’s "plan b" at close quarters is a swift kick or two with its powerful legs armed with sharp three-toed clawed feet. If the attacker is large, the emu will kick forward with its feet. If the animal is smaller, the emu will jump up in the air and attempt to land its clawed feet on top of the animal, preferably on its neck and head. Its sharp, three-toed feet can inflict considerable damage.

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