Western Grey Kangaroo

western grey kangaroo

Western Grey Kangaroo Description

Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus) is found in the south-western parts of Western Australia and South Australia. Is is about 1.3 meters tall and weighs up to 54kgs. It has pale grey to brown fur. The male western grey kangaroo is much larger than the female. The adult male has a strong, pungent odour, thus earning it the nickname of 'stinker'. It lives for about 10 years. The western grey kangaroo is mainly diurnal, that is it is actively predominately during day light.

Western Grey Kangaroo Habitat

It lives in grasslands and open woodlands.

The western grey kangaroo is most active from late afternoon to early morning, resting during the day in the shelter of trees and shrubs.

Western Grey Kangaroo Diet

The diet of the western kangaroo consists mainly of grasses supplemented with leaves and tree bark.

What is a Kangaroo?