Kookaburra Laugh Video Why Do Kookaburras Laugh?

Kookaburra laughing

The kookaburra, also known as the Laughing Kookaburra, is an Australian bird known for its distinctive bird call, which sounds like loud, raucous laughter. The kookaburra's call starts with a slow chuckling 'oooo' sound. Then it builds up to a boisterous 'ha ha ha' repeated several times in rapid succession. Following the initial notes, the kookaburra's call peaks with a long, melodious trill with a sequence of high-pitched, ascending and descending notes, creating a laughing-like sound. The trill is usually the most prominent part of the kookaburra's call, lasts for several seconds, and can be heard over long distances.

A kookaburra's laugh is a social behaviour and is used to warn other kookaburras to keep away from the territory of a family group. Members of a family unit vocalise together like a chorus to amplify their claim to their territory. If rival groups are within earshot, they too may respond, filling the air with what sounds like a cacophony of raucous laughter to us humans.

What is a Kookaburra?