Clownfish Feeding Sea Anemone - Video

The clownfish and its sea anemone host live in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. The sea anemone provides the little clownfish with a home and protection, and the clownfish, in turn, provides the sea anemone a number of services. It may take pieces of food too large for it to consume itself and feed these to the sea anemone which is a very untidy eater. Many smaller pieces of food escape from the sea anemone's mouth which are more suitable in size for the clownfish to swallow. There are even reports that the clownfish may capture prey too large for it to eat and drag it into the grasping tentacles of a waiting sea anemone, who eats its and spits out smaller pieces of its victim for the clownfish to eat.

Clownfish — The 'Nemo' Fish