Clownfish Living in Sea Anemone Video

A single familial group of clownfish may co-habitat with a sea anemone and always stay in very close proximity to it. The clownfish are very protective of their sea anemone and will vigorously defend their home, the sea anemone, against other clownfish and predators.

Although the sea anemone can kill a fish that touches it, the clownfish is immune to its poison. It can swim freely through the sea anemone's tentacles the with ease, living in a well-armed fortress protected against predators.

The clownfish and its host, its sea anemone, live in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. The sea anemone provides the clownfish with a home, food, and protection. The clownfish, in turn, guards, feeds, cleans, and aerates the water between the the sea anemone's tentacles. This relationship is called mutualism because both parties gain a benefit from their cooperation.

Clownfish — The 'Nemo' Fish