Mulga Bills Bicycle - Recital Listen to Mulga Bills Bicycle

Mulga Bill's Bicycle was written by Banjo Paterson, a famous Australian bush poet best known as the author of Waltzing Matilda. It was first published in The Sydney Mail newspaper on 25 July 1896. It was an instant hit and is one of Banjo Paterson's most popular works.

Mulga Bills Bicycle is a poem with verse of irregular lengths. It uses simple language and imagery to generate strong dramatic action and dialogue. The poem has a regular rhythm in rhyming couplets with 7 feet (14 beats in each line) which adds momentum and an air of humour to the story.

Amelia Wilcox recites Banjo Paterson's poem very well. (Note: This video incorrectly shows Mulga Bill on a penny-farthing).

Mulga Bill's Bicycle — A Poem by Banjo Paterson