About Us

Trishan's Oz page was initially set up in 1996 as a one-page school project about a ten-year-old boy named Trishan. Over time Trishan and his dad made site increasingly more comprehensive, and by 2001 it had become one of the most popular sites describing Australia. It won many prestigious awards and was linked to by hundreds of other sites. Its design and content were considered way ahead of its time.


Between 1996 and 2001, over 1.6 million people visited the site.

In those early days, when the Internet was in its infancy and its users more benign, we even had a guestbook and displayed our email address. We used to get over 50 emails a day. But alas we also started getting lots of spam and junk mail too. As a result, we had to remove our guestbook and email address. This had a totally unexpected consequence. Given the extremely high hit rate, our hosting ISP decided to reclassify the site as being commercial (even though we never carried ads or made any money from it). They wanted a substantial increase in hosting fees. We couldn't afford the additional cost, and as a result in 2001 the site ceased to exist.

2010 (Rediscovery)

In 2010 we googled the site and discovered, that even after almost ten years, there were hundreds upon hundreds of sites still referring and linking to "Trishan's Oz" (Trishan's Oz Page) and its contents. We were truly inspired! As a result, we decided to revive the site and update it to reflect changes in technology and internet usage.

We are currently in the process of updating the site with a new look and feel and have incorporated lots of additional content and stunning additional photographs. Please be patient while we work on making the site even better than before.


An update (Feb 2013):
Trishan graduated from university a few years ago with degrees in Marketing and Business Management and is currently working for a multinational petroleum company. His sister Ashani is at university and is working for Mercedes-Benz. Trishan’s dog Sage passed away and was replaced by a new one called Smudge who also passed away on December 2009. Trishan's dad is semi-retired and is pursuing his long-time passion as an author. His first book entitled The Story of Sigiriya has just been published. He has also created another website called Sigiriya. You should visit it sometime.


An update (Feb 2014):
Trishan is now married and is living in Sydney. He is also studying for a degree in International Law at Sydney University. Dad retired. He has been updating this website on and off. Ashani has nearly completed her degree. Trishan's Mom is looking forward to retiring soon.


An update (Mar 2015):

Trishan moved to London, England pursuing new career opportunities. He is also enrolled at Cambridge University to continue his Masters Degree in International Law. Ashani finished her university degree and is still working at Mercedes-Benz. She has also acquired a lovely little cat named Artimas, who now lives with Mom and Dad. Mom finally retired and is busy with all sorts of charitable work. Dad is busy on his second book and continues to improve this and his other websites. His newest website is on the city of Galle in Sri Lanka.


An update (Mar 2016):

Trishan is still in London and works for the Natural History Museum there. He is also enrolled at the University of London to continue his Masters Degree in International Law. Ashani has moved to Toronto, Canada and working for a not-for-profit organisation. Dad has published his second book entitled The Story of Anuradhapura.


An update (Mar 2017):

Over 12 million people have visited our sites now. Trishan completed his Masters Degree at the University of London. Ashani is still in Canada. Dad has been busy improving this website and adding many interesting new web pages to it. Little Artimas, took ill and passed away. Mom and Dad were very sad about it.


An update (Mar 2018):

It is rewarding to see that millions of people visit our site each year. We do spend a lot of time and effort in researching our subject matter. Trishan is now working as a business development manager for a major electric vehicle supplier in the UK. He loves it. Ashani got married and is back in Australia pursuing her Masters. She and her husband have also acquired a lovely greyhound named Sonny. Dad has been busy adding pages to this website. His books, The Story of Sigiriya and the Story of Anuradhapura, have received several excellent book reviews. Mum is busy with her charity work.